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Anthem Las Vegas, NV: Health Insurance Basics

May 3rd, 2012

Anthem Las Vegas, NV health insurance is a very crucial purchase. The best time to purchase health insurance is before any serious illnesses or accidents occur. You must remember that an individual health insurance may not cover you medical problems which begin before your policy was issued. Although, you can now obtain insurance plans for pre-existing conditions from the government. However, according to the health care reform legislation, health insurance providers should not deny coverage or deny renewal to those people who have pre-existing conditions starting on Jan. 1, 2014.

Searching for affordable and adequate Anthem Las Vegas, NV health insurance coverage may seem overwhelming, but if you know the basics of health insurance then it can make your research less confusing. Actually, there are no federal and state laws which require private employers to provide health benefits to their workers. However, a lot of employers offer group health insurance because this is their way of attracting and keeping their best workers. If you lose your job, you will also lose your health insurance. In order to bridge this gap, you can obtain short term coverage from COBRA. This plan can be obtained if you work for a company which has 20 or more workers. Generally the coverage can only last up to 18 months and you are required to pay for the full amount of the premium along with the administrative fee. You may realize that purchasing coverage through COBRA doesn’t usually come cheap.

Another law which can protect the workers is the HIPAA. In order to get your Anthem Las Vegas, NV health insurance quotes, just visit us at If you need more information then call our agents now at 1-702-434-1230.