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Different Types of Affordable Health Insurance Las Vegas

May 4th, 2012

Whether you are purchasing group or individual health insurance plan, there are many varieties of affordable health insurance Las Vegas that you can choose from. This includes the health maintenance organization, fee for service, preferred provider organization and point of service plans.

Each of these plans has their own features, be sure to investigate before making a decision. HMOs, POSs and PPOs are different types of managed care plans which mainly specialized on cost-effective medical care. They are also considered as affordable health insurance Las Vegas. On the other hand, fee for service plans are also referred as indemnity plans. This plan gives you more flexibility but you have to pay higher premiums and higher out of pocket costs. It also requires more paperwork. However, it can give you more freedom in the choice of your doctors and hospitals because it has no networks. You can see any specialist you want without the need of a referral from a primary care physician. Most FFS plans usually have a cap, which is the maximum amount that you have to pay for your medical expenses in one year. This cap amount excludes your premium. After reaching the cap, your insurer will start to pay anything which is covered under you policy 100%.

FFS plans also have drawbacks such as you will have to pay a deductible before the insurance company starts to pay. You need to pay upfront for your medical services and claim reimbursement after submitting the bills. Medical expenses in FFS plans are customary and reasonable. This means that if the amount that your doctor charges you is more than the average allowed in your area then you will be responsible in paying for the difference. With FFS plans only the medical services covered in the policy can be counted toward your deductible.

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