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How to Get Affordable Health Insurance Las Vegas

January 10th, 2012

There are many reasons why a lot of people need affordable health insurance Las Vegas.  The first is easy access to quality health care; if you do not have health insurance then you cannot receive the care that you need.  If you are uninsured then you can have tremendous payments for your treatment of a chronic disease, a day or two in the hospital, prescription medications for your drug therapy, several hours in emergency room and others.  This can result to damaging debt if you don’t have enough money to pay for your bills.  People who are uninsured will likely obtain delays in their care which can result to being sicker.  In fact, the mortality rates for cancer, diabetes and other diseases are much higher among the uninsured. Your rights for your health insurance Las Vegas will likely depend on the type of insurance plan that you purchase which can be family, group or individual.  If you are not insured under your employer through a group insurance plan, then you will not have guaranteed health insurance.  This is because private health insurance companies can refuse to sell you a health insurance plan due to your health status.  Pre-existing conditions are identified by insurance companies as those conditions which are treated and diagnosed prior to your application for health insurance Las Vegas. Hesselgesser Insurance Agency can work with you in finding the best insurance coverage which can give you more health care benefits.  We can even give you free health quotes, just visit  If you want to know about your options then you can talk to an expert by calling 1-702-434-1230.