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How to Get Las Vegas Health Insurance

January 8th, 2012

There are three basic options which people can choose in obtaining Las Vegas health insurance.  These are through employers, government subsidized and purchasing private health plans.  Insurance obtained through employers is how most people get their health insurance.  The employees usually pay a portion of the cost while the employer pays for the remaining cost.  This type of health insurance plan is known as group insurance.  Sometimes coverage for pre-existing conditions is excluded for a certain period of time.  The waiting period will be imposed before you can start receiving your coverage.  Aside from employers, industry unions also offer group health insurance to eligible members. Small business insurance is another type of Las Vegas health insurance which is offered to small employers which has between 2 and 50 full time employees.  These employers can purchase group coverage regardless of the health status of their employees.  This is also known as guaranteed issue insurance.  This type of coverage is the best option for those individuals who are rejected by individual coverage.  If you are an owner of a small business then you can purchase a small business insurance plan. COBRA coverage is mandated by law to provide continuous coverage to employees who just left their jobs.  However, you will be responsible in paying for the full premium.  Premiums for COBRA can be quite expensive but it is much cheaper compared to purchasing your own individual policy.  It can be the only option for those employees who have pre-existing conditions.  You can keep your option open for your COBRA because once you have exhausted it then you can be eligible for HIPAA plan. Hesselgesser Insurance Agency can help you in finding your Las Vegas health insurance plan.  You can visit us at or give us a call at 1-702-434-1230.  They have agents which can help you in purchasing your health plan.