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Las Vegas Group Health Insurance -New Regulations

September 21st, 2012

At we stay abreast of the latest laws and regulations that affect Las Vegas group health insurance so that we can properly advise our clients and provide them with direction when they request it. By now you have probably either heard or have been involved in a discussion concerning group health insurance and the new laws. Group health insurance is typically provided by the employer in whole or in part. The new health insurance laws greatly affect how employers will provide that health insurance and to whom. Loosely Stated Some of the basics of the new law are that employers will provide each employee with the same type and amount of coverage for their health insurance. A lot of employers are up in arms over this because they will now have to provide coverage to part time employees. Of course there are many other rules that will or do apply when it comes to group coverage. We are here to help you. We are here to ease your concerns and help you find a group plan that will fit you and your group like a glove.  Free Quotes Some things in life are really completely free. At your quotes for Las Vegas group health insurance quotes are in fact completely free without any obligation to you. We only offer you options that are:

  • High Quality
  • From Well Known Carriers
  • In Compliance with the new laws
  • Affordable
We take the work out of finding the right plan because we do all the leg work for you before you ever see a quote we have already checked it out to make sure what you are getting is all of the above. Keeping it Simple Life is complicated enough so at we keep things simple. Since we understand the new insurance regulations inside and out we can provide you with the best advice that is based in fact. You do not have to go from place to place to shop for the best plans we are independent agents that always have your best interest first and foremost. We offer options that are affordable and within regulation from top carriers for your comparison because we believe the only way to find the most affordable plan that offers the best coverage is to compare carriers. See how easy it is to understand the new laws and stay compliant at! Get started right now!