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Tips for Buying Las Vegas Individual Health Insurance

May 11th, 2012

When buying health insurance, you can enjoy lower rates if you are part of a group plan. But there are some people who cannot acquire group health plans. If you leave your job or start a new job which does not provide health insurance then you may be astonished on how costly the same coverage is when buying Las Vegas individual health insurance.

An individual plan is not connected to any workplace benefits and it can be purchased on the private market. With individual health insurance plans, there are no guarantees that insurers can accept you. This is because individual plans are medically underwritten which means that an insurer can deny your application or include some exclusion in your policy. In some states, they have guaranteed issue laws which require each health insurers to offer insurance policies to everyone regardless of their medical problems. Premiums for those individuals who are enrolled in individual plans are determined based on their expected health care costs. Therefore those who are less healthy and older will have higher rates.

Rates are probably the most overwhelming aspect of Las Vegas individual health insurance policies. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to shop around for the best health insurance quotes. For example, premiums for the same insurance products from different insurance companies may vary as much as 50 percent for the same person.

If you are getting confused in finding Las Vegas individual health insurance then don’t let this confusion convince you to go without any. Although you are currently healthy now, but you will never know when accidents or injuries may happen which can force you into bankruptcy.

Remember that if you have no insurance for 63 days or more then you can lose your coverage for pre-existing conditions which is set by HIPAA. To know more about choosing the right plan, you can call our insurance agents at 1-702-434-1230. You can get your quotes now at